GITEX 2022 Dubai: A Glimpse into the Digital Tomorrow

10th – 14th October 2022

Dubai World Trade Center

For tech enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, GITEX in Dubai stands as a beacon of innovation and digital transformation. This event, held annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre, serves as a pivotal point where the latest tech advancements meet groundbreaking projects that shape the digital landscape of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

With technology reshaping businesses, economies, and lifestyles, GITEX becomes a platform where attendees can witness firsthand the rapid digital transitions and the investments fueling these changes.

Interested in the intricacies and full offerings of GITEX 2022? Dive in by visiting the official GITEX website.

Sodaclick at GITEX 2022:
This year, Sodaclick is thrilled to present our newest strides in voice technology. Partnering with Vestel , our co-exhibit promises a hands-on experience of our latest innovations. By merging our expertise with that of our partner, we aim to offer a compelling demonstration of the power and potential of modern voice technology.

GITEX 2022 offers not just a platform for showcasing products but a stage for fostering collaborations, insights, and a shared vision for the future. Sodaclick’s presence and our commitment to advancing voice tech solutions are a testament to this collective journey towards a digitized and connected global landscape.

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Booth: SR-B1


Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital solutions platform specialising in dynamic content and voice-controlled AI experiences at every touchpoint

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