NRA Show 2019: Where Culinary Meets Technology

18th – 21st May 2019

McCormick Place Chicago

Every year, Chicago becomes the global epicenter for culinary enthusiasts, restaurateurs, and innovators at the National Restaurant Association Show. Widely regarded as the mecca for the restaurant industry, the NRA Show is a magnet for those eager to experience the pulse of food trends, witness cutting-edge kitchen technology, and network with the world’s finest in the food and beverage domain.

This 2019 edition continued the tradition, amalgamating rich flavors, innovative solutions, and transformative strategies to foster growth in an ever-evolving industry.

For a deeper taste of the NRA 2019 highlights, explore the official NRA website.

Sodaclick’s Spotlight at NRA 2019: 

Amidst the culinary arts and gastronomic marvels, Sodaclick showcased the future of digital signage and content creation. Co-exhibiting alongside our esteemed partner, BrightSign, we demonstrated how the fusion of tech and cuisine can redefine the dining experience.

Our shared booth became a testament to the synergy between Sodaclick’s intuitive content solutions and BrightSign’s hardware prowess. Attendees reveled in a seamless blend of visual appeal and functional brilliance, emphasizing how the right technology can elevate a dining environment.

NRA 2019 wasn’t just about food; it was about curating memorable experiences. And in this vibrant tapestry of tastes and tech, Sodaclick proudly marked its indelible imprint.


Booth: 3P670


Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital solutions platform specialising in dynamic content and voice-controlled AI experiences at every touchpoint

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