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Powering edge ready conversational AI virtual assistants through Azure Cognitive Services, while offering customers enterprise-level security, reliability, scalability and compliance


Proud to be recognised as a world-renowned technology giant and a market leader in Turkey, we make it our mission to excel in every sector that we enter. Continuously investing in research and development, we strive to build on our success, making the highest quality solutions accessible for an ever-growing number of customers throughout the EMEA and beyond.

To stay on course and become the most powerful production and technology group in the world, we know that we must achieve sustainable development, and that we can only do so by focusing our efforts on the creation of leading-edge consumer products



Voice AI with speech recognition in 120+ languages and speech synthesis in 180+ human-like voices


No wake word to trigger microphone – wave gesture, user proximity or face detection


Cloud-based digital signage content platform enables the creation and deployment of dynamic, HTML5 content in minutes for any screen without a single line of code


Large library of dynamic and customizable design agency grade HTML5 content for various use cases

Voice Solution

Introducing one of the world’s first professional signage displays which allow users to adjust the on-screen content directly with voice control. Whether it’s a digital poster promotion, wayfinding or a digital menu for a global fast food chain, Sodaclick Voice AI Solution can help introduce an innovative way of working across all businesses and brands.

Multilingual Voice Control

Enabling a truly international solution, Sodaclick Voice AI Assistant allows speech recognition to be added to your projects, as well as voice playback. Choose from over 85 languages and variants, select the relevant keywords and see your multilingual, voice enabled, content solution come to life. Activate the microphone with touch or user proximity and navigate through your content using predefined keywords.

Use Cases

Quick Service Resturant (QSR)

Hotel Check In

Retail Self Service

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