Retail Expo 2019 London

1 – 2 MAY 2019


In 2019, the Retail Expo once again confirmed its reputation as Europe’s premier event for retail technology and digital innovation. This annual gathering, renowned for assembling the industry’s best, set the stage for breakthroughs in retail solutions.

For a retrospective glance at the 2019 event highlights, visit the Retail Expo official website.

Sodaclick’s Remarkable Showcase: 

In that year, Sodaclick proudly marked its presence at the Retail Expo. Attendees had the privilege to witness our unveiling of innovative solutions in digital signage content creation. Our space on the Qbic stand became a hub of discussion and demonstration, reflecting our vision for the future of digital retail content.

Looking back at the Retail Expo 2019, we’re grateful for the connections made, the collaborations fostered, and the insights gained. It was a testament to our commitment and the industry’s evolving landscape.

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Sodaclick Ltd. London, UK

Sodaclick is a digital solutions platform specialising in dynamic content and voice-controlled AI experiences at every touchpoint

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