Create Seamless Immersive Customer Experiences

Offering customers a simple, intelligent and autonomous self-checkout experience with cutting edge technologies of computer vision analytics and touchless user interface integrated with a reliable digital kiosk

How the Solution Works

Versatile, touchless, autonomous checkout for retail pop-up shops, grab n’ go, and micro markets enable greater convenience and augment staffing shortages. Texture aware AI technology performs better than state of the art for both plated and packaged food items. 

  • Quick convergence networks that can work with Autonomous Training Box to onboard items at scale
  • Safe and easy checkout increasing velocity of checkout and overall throughput 
  • Low footprint with edge tuned AI Engines that can detect items during scan with high accuracy under limited compute 
  • Up-sell, cross-sell, and loyalty programs capabilities to boost sales



Voice AI with speech recognition in 120+ languages and speech synthesis in 180+ human-like voices


No wake word to trigger microphone – wave gesture, user proximity or face detection


Cloud-based digital signage content platform enables the creation and deployment of dynamic, HTML5 content in minutes for any screen without a single line of code


Large library of dynamic and customizable design agency grade HTML5 content for various use cases

End-to-End Solution

In partnership with UST, KIOSK offers the Vision Checkout solution to provide customers with an easy, autonomous self-checkout experience. The solution involves cutting edge technologies of computer vision analytics, AI, and touchless user interface integrated with a reliable digital kiosk. Using this solution, customers simply place their items on the self-checkout kiosk, items are identified via computer vision and displayed on the kiosk screen, followed by a touchless purchase process. An accurate self check-out solution with no need to wait or touch, giving customers the control and convenience expected in today’s world of digital services.


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